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6 Ways Buyer’s Agent Can Get More Clients

The Sydney property market is already saturated with tens of thousands of real estate agents. While buyers’ agents try to serve as buyers’ advocates in the competitive housing market, selling agents take sides with vendors, ensuring they get the best out of every real estate transaction.

Being a buyers’ agent means being a buyers’ advocate. In other words, you will have to make sure you protect the interest of a prospective buyer in the face of sales agents. Typically, you will help property buyers search the local market for suitable properties or find off-market properties as your clients request.

You will also need a complete understanding of the current market value to buy the right property at the right price. Meanwhile, buyer’s agents are not only there to help property investors get the perfect property. You are also expected to be making money from your expertise.

Interestingly, numerous Buyer’s agents are out there looking to get the same property buyers you expect to patronize. That’s a strong signal that you have a competition to beat if you want to be among Australia’s most sought-after buyer’s agents.

A real estate licence is not the only criterion to attract more home buyers. You will have to consistently deliver excellent service and also learn the art of marketing. In addition, you must put more effort into marketing to make money as a buyer’s agent.

This post will expose you to six working marketing strategies to get more property buyers looking for your expertise.

6 Ways To Get More Clients as a Buyer’s Agent

1. Advertise with Google Ads

Amazingly, many buyer’s agents think internet adverts are meant to reach clients outside one’s vicinity. But that’s far from the truth.

In case you don’t know, several home buyers are searching for a good buyer’s agent near me, somewhere close to you. The aim is to find an experienced buyer’s agent to help them find the most suitable properties in the local market. 

Advertising your service on Google will make it easier for every prospective buyer looking for the same service you render. 

Due to the high level of competition in Google organic results, your first strategy to get prospective property buyers’ attention is to place yourself in Google Ads. That will enable you to showcase your expertise on the first page of Google. 

Meanwhile, you will have to be tactual about your Ads. You must let your prospective clients know how you can help them find good properties at the right purchase price. You may also want to tell them why you are the best buyers’ advocate that can protect their best interest in the face of the selling agents. 

Every home buyer also wants to know how you can help them throughout the entire buying process with the aid of other real estate professionals. The aim is to convince them why they should use a buyer’s agent and why it has to be you. So, make it brief in your Ads.

2. Make Quality Videos

Property investors want the prospective agent to hire to convince them he has the perfect property they want. So, producing some good videos about how home buyers can find the right property at the right price will go a long way. 

Indeed, you need to get creative with your videos. For example, you can teach property investors about new investment strategies or how to save time when setting the purchase price for their property purchase.

Showering your local knowledge of the current market value to your prospective clients is essential. And you can also advise them on managing investment properties to sustain their local market value. 

Home buyers also want to know about the buyer’s agent fee. You can make videos about which commission option is better, between fixed fee and commission. Don’t forget to talk about how to handle buyers’ agents’ demands.

3. Use Social Media as a Pro

Buyer’s agents should know how to use social media influence to their advantage. Social is undoubtedly an excellent way to interreact with existing clients and new prospects. 

No resourceful buyers’ agency will joke with the impact and influence of social media. Therefore, you need to have a strong presence on social especially if you are dealing with commercial real estate properties. 

To maximize the opportunities on social media, you need to know what your audience wants and how to give it to them. For example, you can flaunt a long list of off-market listings, showcase your real estate licence, get them acquitted with the local real estate market, or do anything that can validate you as a respectable buyer’s advocate.

A good real estate agent must have an account across all social media platforms, such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. 

4. Start a Real Estate Blog

having a blog is one of the most effective ways to win property buyers to your side amidst the pool of competition. 

Blogging helps you to out more information about your services to the general audience. You can write engaging articles on hot real estate topics such as how to handle auction bidding, what to do during a private sale, how to find suitable properties, what buyer’s agents offer, how to negotiate for an engagement fee, how to avoid buying unsuitable properties, What to do during a property purchase process, how to identify a licensed buyer’s agent, how to find the right property buyers’ agents and more. 

Hiring expert writers to handle your blog perfectly is best if you want a good blog that can engage clients.

5. Provide The Best Real Estate Services

Marketing can only bring clients; only excellent service can retain them. h a single broker. as a licensed real estate agent, your ultimate job is to help home buyers purchase a home or investment property. So, make sure you are the best at that. Else, all the marketing muscles you are flexing will count for nothing.


As a buyer’s agent, you must be the best in your field to attract more prospective buyers. This guide contains everything you need to practice as a buyer’s advocate at the top level. you will thank us later if you adhere strictly to the instructions above.

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